If you are using the unregistered version of SaxTutor (and I recommend you fully explore the program before even thinking about registering) then you will already be aware that most of the functionality is already included. If you want to learn scales or Altissimo fingerings then you have everything you need.

Saxophone Tutor has been available now since 1995 and more than 200,000 people have downloaded it from my website and have sent my postcards, emails and comments on how it has helped them to learn fingerings, scales and altissimo notes.

There are a couple of added bonuses for people who donate or register. You get the opportunity to print more stuff, get more tips and most importantly you get access to the brilliant blues scales. But quite honestly the only real benefit of registering is that it helps to contribute towards the update of SaxTutor.

SaxTutor has also had a chequered development path. When I have been in work it has seen very sporadic development and when I have been unemployed I tend to pick it up, kick the tyres and check the functionality but I normally can’t afford the tools to develop it as far as I would like.

My recent overhaul of SaxTutor has ensured that the program works reliably in Windows (up to Windows 10), installs easily on a wide range of machines and also, according to some of the users, works in mac when in PC emulation mode.

Whether you choose to register or not I really hope you enjoy all the features of Saxophone Tutor and I welcome any comments you might have, please feel free to contact me via the website. I look forward to hearing from you.

How To Register

The simplest way to register is to donate via Paypal (most people donate between £5 and £10). You don't event need a PayPal account, you can just pay using your credit card. When you choose to register you will receive an unlock code and, more importantly, you will be contributing towards the development of SaxTutor